WOW Program Women Offering Wisdom flagship



Sharon Cecil developed the WOW Program in order to provide young women, like her daughter Michelle, educational information to encourage them to be proactive in their health, especially breast health (A true story–can be read on the blog).

The WOW Program has created a multi-faceted approach to integrate and develop programs. We reach out to our youth while providing opportunities for them to serve the community working with adult advisors. This means adult volunteers taking time and fostering positive relationships with young people on their turf. This provides a youth with a significant adult while they learn valuable leadership skills such as: planning , decision making, problem solving.

As a youth driven program, youth felt that WOW was about health and well-being and they wanted to educate the WORLD—hence World of Wisdom.

The WOW program began in 1996 and was originally known as Women Offering Wisdom. In 2011, WOW became World of Wisdom with Women Offering Wisdom as the flagship.  

 As a youth driven program, youth felt that WOW was about health and well-being and they wanted to educate the WORLD—hence World of Wisdom.

History of Women Offering Wisdom

  In 1996 WE SURVIVE established the WOW Program and the pilot program began at Wayside Christian Mission and is on going

WOW become a component in a pilot program developed by Girl Scout USA called Growing Up Female—    Kentuckiana Girl Scout Program Box

October 1998WOW’s—1st Annual Women In Touch Luncheon held at Churchill Downs

1999—radio talk show began Radio Talk Show began
Premier edition—WOW GIRLZ—inserted section in Today’s Woman September, 2000

October 2000 Girl Scout Troop 169 began Gold Award projects at WE SURVIVE—Pink Path to Gold
WOW CLUBZ begin Fall, 2000—1st Club began at Eastern High School

September 2001—WOW Girlz, focused on Breast Cancer and Health Habits and kicked off a Research Project 

October 2001—WOW GIRLZ signature bracelet designed by Carlton Ridge available to heighten breast cancer awareness

October 11, 2001, WOW Resource Center—Grand Opening  housed at Jefferson Community Colleges Women’s   Center for Growth and Leadership
October 28, 2001—Make A Difference Day—WOW’s 5th Anniversary Celebration

June 2002—National Cancer Survivors Day—Girl Scout Troop 169 completed Gold Award projects

November 2006—ScrumbleThon collaborative health event (Galen College of Nursing, Louisville School of Massage, Wayside Christian Mission and We Survive)

2007  WOWz Wacky Wellness Fest   —quarterly collaborative health events (Galen College of Nursing, Wayside Christian Mission and We Survive

February 2008 WOW Girlz Live—went from local radio to global audience—Get In the Now With WOW internet talk show

April 2009—Haven of Hope Music/Wellness Benefit Event at Incredible Dave’s

 2010—Dream Weavers—Inspiring Hopes and Dreams—developing programming at Haven of Hope

National Hunger Homelessness Awareness Wellness Event held at Hotel Louisville (Wayside Christian  Mission) on November 13

New Direction for WOW

June 18, 2011—WOW took a New Direction and became World of Wisdom with a reception at Sullivan University College of Pharmacy celebrating WOW’s 15th year.

WOW is Bringing a Message of Inspiration and HOPE to the World


November 7, 2014LIGHTFEST Re-Ignited—a grassroots movement gains international exposure


November 5, 2015—yearlong activities bringing strength to the Worldwide message of LIGHTFEST Re-Ignited


November 4, 2016—yearlong activities have expanded Worldwide as We Survive launched Portrayal of Hope LIGHTFEST Re-Ignited exposure expands—view the LIGHTFEST global map