Welcome to We Survive,

home of Day of Hope,

fueled by LIGHTFEST Reignited.

Join us to send a message of HOPE and rally to support those who are vulnerable to poverty, hunger and homelessness. 

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Let’s light up the world! LightFEST 2024 will be Saturday, November 2, 2024.


See all the locations who lit up for LIGHTFEST 2017 and that Lit up for LIGHTFEST 2016 and where Portrayal of Hope Projects can be found!


help needed


Without a financial infusion, We Survive’s Day of Hope will not be able to continue. See the video below for more about the Day of Hope.

We Survive believes that our community’s children our greatest dividend. That is why we have invested in their futures.

We are living in uncertain times. After the recent tragic events across our nation, many people are fearful and feel a sense of hopelessness.  Knowing there is HOPE is what keeps people motivated.

Those who live in poverty or are susceptible to poverty, hunger and homelessness have reason to feel hopeless.  We Survive’s Day of Hope and LIGHTFEST Re-Ignited are designed to reinvigorate hope.

Show your compassion so we can continue to take action.  INVEST in youth.

We NEED YOU to help improve impoverished lives!

There are several ways you can support We Survive’s Day of Hope efforts.

You can become a sponsor of LIGHTFEST, click here to see sponsorship levels or donate any amount through Paypal.

This video tells more about We Survive’s Day of Hope at Haven of Hope.