Portrayal of Hope

Do you need some hope and inspiration? Look at the stories and works of art about Hope at the links below:

Luminating Letters

Who Inspires You

You Inspiring Others

Words to Inspire

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Inspirational Events

Are you ready to share about what inspires you or create a work of art about Hope? We invite you to join the Portrayal of Hope.


We Survive’s LIGHTFEST Re-Ignited is looking for individuals and groups to partner with in order to build a platform for Portrayals of Hope. Any schools, religious groups, scouts, companies that want to bring awareness to their local community the issues faced by those experiencing poverty, susceptible to poverty, hunger and homelessness.

Join us to create a Portrayal of Hope at your school, workplace or organization. Click here for more information. For more information email lightfest@wesurvive.org with your contact information.

In conjunction with LIGHTFEST Re-Ignited, We Survive would like for you to host and share your experience creating a Portrayal of HOPE in order to:

  • Raise awareness and educate communities about the issues the impoverished face.
  • Empower those affected by poverty and homelessness to BELIEVE in the power of having a dream
  • Showcase portrayals of hope worldwide


Your Portrayal of HOPE will be experienced by children and families in your community and shared with the world.


Together we will change lives!