WE meets Y changing Me to WE

WE meets Y changing Me to WE

WE meets Y changing Me to WE

Written by Sharon Cecil

You may not be familiar with organizations that encourage youth to get involved in changing the world. Let me introduce you to YMCA Y-Corps and WE Day.


Y-Corps group at Haven of Hope in 2009

In 2009, Y-Corps planned a summer mission trip throughout the state of Kentucky. We Survive was the last stop on their week long journey. Drew Caldwell, a YMCA staff member, began preparation for the students at We Survive a week before the students would be doing extensive projects at We Survive headquarters in Bloomfield, KY.

Drew had such passion for his work with the youth and their success. His parents came to help Drew with his efforts in order to have everything that was need ready.

During the June 20, 2009, Y-Corps Mission Trip, my husband Moody and I watched with amazement as this group of youth transformed We Survive’s headquarters into what is now called Haven of Hope.

In the fall of 2009, the First Day of Hope  was made possible due to the work accomplished by Y-Corps efforts.

In 2015, I was introduced to Wendy Sirchio, WE DAY Ambassador and Co-Founder of WE Day Kentucky. I was able to witness INCREDIBLE youth and their willingness to give of themselves, due to the volunteer efforts of a group of youth, Act Out 4 Kids. These young people put in numerous volunteers hours from September 2015 until April 21, to help We Survive promote LIGHTFEST Re-Ignited.

WE Day Kentucky was held on April 21, at the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts. We Survive is proud of their presence during We Day Kentucky 2016.

We Survive— Y-Corp—WE Day Connection

The beginning of April, 2016, I received an email from a young woman involved with WE Day, who stated, “I was a student on the first Y-Corps trip to visit Haven of Hope, as well as a part of the group that came back for a visit after the trip. Such a wonderful place to see and a beautiful place to serve! …Haven of Hope is certainly among the most memorable places from my time as a Y-Corps kid.”

A report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Volunteering in the United States News Release says that the number of volunteers are dropping. Since the age range begins at 16 years old and other factors, I have to wonder about the accuracy of this report.

WE Day says we need to change “Me to We.”

Excerpt from Giving

“When we give, we share what we have with others,

It makes life worth living and gives others a smile.

It matters not the size or quantity of the gift imparted,

It’s the loved perceived that makes it all worthwhile.”

It is unfortunate that some organizations would rather not work with younger volunteers. Working with youth is refreshing. They are full of enthusiasm. They want to make a difference in this world.

“Americans who volunteer are also likely to be healthier…There are abundant opportunities to get healthy by volunteering…” ~~ National Get Outdoors Day 

National Get Outdoors Day

If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity, join us at ScenicFest a LIGHTFEST Re-Ignited activity on June 11 for Get Outdoors Day.

For more information email us: lightfest@wesurvive.org