There is always HOPE

There is always HOPE

Written by Randi Espinoza 6/12/22

Hope  – Feeling of expectation or anticipation of a certain (believed in) future event occurring that causes joyfulness when contemplated.

Hope is that the Reds win the World Series and the Bengals win the Superbowl this year.

Hope is that children of any age, sex, color, gender, ethnicty, or socioeconomic status can go to school without fear of being shot at.

Hope is what is foretold in the Bible about God, Jesus and heaven, and one day being taken there to live in eternal bliss forever. 

Hope is Martin Luther King’s dream.

Hope is being in your darkest hour and knowing the sun will rise again.

Hope is reaching out when depression makes you want to retreat, and someone to be there for you to talk to and to help you through.  

Hope is when the world tells you you can’t, you find a way that you can, and when the world mistreats you, respond with love, spreading hope to others.  

Hope is love.

Hope is 3 years without cutting, and the ability to resist when the urge comes.

Hope is belonging, having a family, a home, and food to eat,  

Hope is being off the streets and safe.

Hope is liberation from sex trafficing and prostitution.

Hope is beating addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Hope is the possibility of healing and miracles.

Hope is after 24 years of having MRIs to track my Multiple Sclerosis progression, this MRI will show nothing; My brain will be free of plaques (lesions) and scarring. 

There is always hope.

Author Randi Espinoza