The Ebb – Tide of Vibes

The Ebb – Tide of Vibes

The Ebb – Tide of Vibes

Written by LOL PJKA



Tell me as only my and not your pendulum swings in the aftermath

          of your being, what is the formula to ~ live without you, ~ a

          mix that no longer exists?


Pi r = lonely and incomplete.  1 + 1 = 2 is beyond my thought

          process, a full life lived with out you?


While continuing on with rhyme, rhythm and blues, improvisational

          flickers, atypical vibes from this unsteady, scripting

          writing-pen ~ surfaces to annoy; ~~ AH~HA ~~ brings joy

          within a spontaneous rhythm I once employed!!!


Is that vibrato in the sound of my voice, ~ The Ebb-Tide of Vibes

          a nuance emanating of hope; a formula to mix up my existence,

          old to new ascribing a song, a rhyme a vibe, a cauldron

          filled with a wealth of joy to just be alive?


Conversion, and not a minute too soon ~ from doom and gloom

          transitioning into life, living, reasons to be; fields of

          dreams, a futuristic life of peacefulness ahead for me.


Oh ~  my spirit ascends in an emotional climb to heights unknown,

          known to him my beloved friend, my husband.  Someday the

          heights that we both have achieved will place us in each

          others company.  Till then my life to live is this side of the

          veil; to soar in all the peace, patience, love and joy to be

          found in this world. 


                                                                             LOL PJKA