LIGHTFEST Re-Ignited 2018

LIGHTFEST Re-Ignited 2018

Written by Sharon Cecil

November 3, 2018

November 3, was a Brilliantly Bright Autumn Day, where education and awareness was provided regarding issues faced by those vulnerable to poverty, hunger and homelessness while offering various activities for all that attended.   

tapestry lightfest 20182VOICES were heard through artistic initiatives—displayed, demonstrated and created.  

LIGHTFEST Re-Ignited Ambassador “Sunshine” Joe Mallard’s commemorative tapestry from LIGHTFEST Re-Ignited 2017 was presented to a representative of St. Augustine Catholic Church in appreciation of their continued support of LIGHTFEST. 

Sunshine Joe Mallard is a motivational lecturer and visual art presenter and educator.  During a presentation some years ago, a young girl called Mr. Mallard “Sunshine Joe.”  She said to him, “The sunshine brings light and you do too.”

There was a diverse group of participants where education and awareness regarding issues faced by those vulnerable to poverty, hunger and homelessness was provided. 

All participants, including those within the homeless community, were invited to light up at 7pm led by Brad DeZern as participants sang This Little Light of Mine and This Land is Your Land.

Click here to see more pictures and a video from the day.

Sponsor—Passport Health PlansIMG_20181103_173207199

Host—St. Augustine Catholic Church





Diane Corsey

Jacqueline Browning

Kentucky One Health—Our Lady of Peace

Jacqueline Browning

Last Days Motorcycle Ministry

Brad DeZern

Linda Young

Jason Reynolds

Sunshine Joe Mallard Tapestry Creation

Carol Balogh

Enrichment Activities, LLC

Cathy Upshire

Carol Wieger

Joy Hooten

Bernell Porter

Complex Collaboration Step Dancers

Michelle Wolf

Matt Wolf

Sharon Moody

Surekha Kulkarni

Beaded Treasures Project

Marlene Will

Fern Creek Funeral Home

Kyle Mitchell

“Learn and Earn” Entrepreneurial Initiative Members 


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