deLIGHT event Ignites Hope

deLIGHT event Ignites Hope

LIGHTFEST 2023 – Basketball deLIGHT

On November 4, 2023, We Survive concluded the 25th Anniversary activities for LIGHTFEST.  A basketball activity coordinated by Phillip Morrison Pro Basketball Skills Trainer  and  Hoops for Christ was held at  Westport Road Baptist Church gym.    

The Purpose of LIGHTFEST 2023 – November 4 Basketball deLIGHT

  • Educate on the importance of civic engagement  
  • Bring awareness of Poverty to the community
  • Inform on the importance of mental health to overall wellbeing

Graphics Created by Mississippi High School Student Alyssa V.

In working with young people, it is obvious there is a sense of Hopelessness  permeating our existence, leading to all sorts of mental and medical consequences. With lives and jobs being lost, mass shootings and suicide statistics increasing in the younger population, bleak outlooks are on the rise. It is important for us to spread a message of hope.

“Sport is, and will always be, connected to art.”

Light the World with Hope! “It ups their self-esteem, it gives them the opportunity to learn something 

about the artistic part of sports and activities.”  ~~Sharon Cecil WDRB-TV Louisville, KY

THANK YOU Volunteers/Volunteer Organizations

LIGHTFEST Ambassadors 

Olivia Bohler – LIGHTFEST Ambassador and LIGHTFEST Spokesperson

Sunshine Joe Mallard – Honorary LIGHTFEST Ambassador 


Phillip Morrison

Hoops for Christ

Westport Road Baptist Church


Roosevelt Fenelus – NuLou – website