WOW Journey

August 18, 2016

Written by Sharon Cecil

WOW | Dreams Accomplished

For their legacy of 20 years, We Survive pays tribute  to the

Honorary LIGHTFEST Re-Ignited Ambassadors

Nikki Sherrard (Arielle Sherrard Corbett) and Brittany Zinsious-Kinder

Nikki (left) & Brittany (right) in 2000

Nikki (left) & Brittany (right) in 2000

We Survive was part of a Girl Scout health and wellness project—Growing up Female. In 1996, I met Girl Scout Troop 1472. The young ladies in the troop were 11 years old. These young ladies create a Silver Award project, which became known as WOW (Women Offering Wisdom).

In WOW leadership roles, Nikki and Brittany (with the support of adult mentors) assembled teams that planned, promoted and presented programming. They lead WOW teams in creating and educating on health and wellness issues.

Working with a wonderful team at Churchill Downs was an amazing experience for the WOW Team. WOW was very instrumental in the formation of LIGHTFEST, inspiring HOPES and Dreams in young and old alike—and intergenerational connection.

From 1997-2001, the youth planned, promoted and presented LIGHTFEST and many other events. In 1999, they also held a Women In Touch Luncheon and Seminar at Churchill Downs.

Through peer mentoring, the projects, programs and events gave a voice to the youth and the ability to bring to the table new impressive ideas, outstanding talent and ways to contribute their time to serve their community. Nikki and Brittany came out of the program ready to emerge creatively and engage openly as they moved into the world as leaders.

We Survive took a big step when they re-ignited LIGHTFEST. We Survive is sending the same message today that was sent by the original LIGHTFEST held from 1997 to 2001 at Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY— Inspiring Hopes & Dreams.

In July, 2016 the Co-Leader of Girl Scout Troop 1472 said, “You started everything we accomplished as a troop and opened the world of possibilities to our girls. You taught us what true service looks like and how to stand up for what we believe in…It’s crazy how meeting you has propelled us to ever-reaching dreams.”


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