Handstands for Homelessness

Handstands for Homelessness

By Jacqueline Blue Browning, RN, BSN


Handstands of Hope was born from the memory of being a child in Los Angeles living amongst the gang violence, drug epidemic, riots etc. Every now and then someone or a group would come from the outside world and share a view of a different world, a different way of living and it always gave me hope, whether that was a traveling performing group or a motivational speaker, these individuals somehow provided that feeling of hope and I continued to dream.

Yoga has been instrumental in my healing journey and my mental health. When I entered a handstand challenge via 502 Power Yoga last year in the summer of 2018, it transformed me and my world. At last year’s Lightfest Reignited, I shared yoga with the kids who were there and their eyes lit up when I shared wheel and other yoga poses. The children opened up to conversation and very much enjoyed moving their bodies and exploring the world via yoga, can’t wait to do it again this year. 


handstands2Working with WeSurvive has provided me the opportunity to share and give back to our community via Lightfest Reignited, Day of Hope and all the wonderful events We Survive creates with love. 

As a psychiatric nurse for Our Lady of Peace I am very proud to serve our patients and community. Currently at Eastern Kentucky University I look forward to completing the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Program so that I may continue to serve our community via a holistic healing approach including art therapy, yoga and so much more.