Closing a Door to the Future

Closing a Door to the Future

My name is Sharon Cecil, a resident of Fern Creek for almost 50 years. I am writing regarding the proposed closing of the Fern Creek Branch of the Louisville Free Public Library (LFPL).

It is my belief, that for many reasons, it makes no sense to close the Fern Creek branch of the LFPL. Statistically, you will be closing the largest youth service provider in the Fern Creek community.  

As an educator, I believe Education is the Key to Understanding.  We need to give the  best opportunities to our  youth if we want to ensure a strong America for their future.  

In order to build a relationship with our youth, it is important to build  trust and cultivate an environment where the youth can tell us what they think.  Youth are the assets for the future of this great nation.  

From what I have heard from the youth in the Fern Creek Community, the youth (and their parents) do not want the Fern Creek Library to close.

Being very involved with multiple organizations over the years, my efforts have been to strive to improve the lives of the people in our community. My personal goal has been to provide hope to those who are marginalized in our society. It is important to give a voice to those who are dealing with adversity.

The Fern Creek community is comprised of diverse populations. For example, there are families in Fern Creek that are highly educated and can’t find jobs because they come from other countries where their credentials are not recognized in this country. The library offers help with writing a resume and resources on how to search for jobs along with support from library staff.

Pre-school and school aged children in the Fern Creek community rely on the library for programming that includes story hour, craft projects and activities from pre-school to teens. The local schools attend the library for field trips. Approximately 40 community organizations utilize the meeting rooms. The library is a Safe Place for children to learn and grow.

Fern Creek Library has a history that dates back to 1937. I have been witness to the changes over the past 5 decades that the library has undergone. In November 1993, when the Fern Creek Library rejoined the LFPL system after being a voluntary initiative housed in the Fern Creek Community Center, those who worked to keep the library open during the interim never thought that the library would ever be closed again.

In 1997, Louisville sent a 10-person delegation to the President’s Summit for America’s Future. The Mayor asked that youth provider organizations make a “commitment for kids” as part of the America’s Promise. As one of those organization members, I made the commitment to the five fundamental resources. They can be seen at the America’s Promise website  

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