Invisible Yet Invaluable part3

Invisible Yet Invaluable part3

Invisible Yet Invaluable

You know who they are.  People who are passionate and committed to helping while encouraging others.  The invisible are invaluable.  They use their talents to let someone else shine. The invisible do not encourage others for accolades.  They do it out of the passion that is in their hearts.    

On November 3, you will be able to meet amazing encouragers and see some of the work that has been done by those that they encourage at the 2018 LIGHTFEST Re-Ignited.   

Location                        St Augustine Catholic Church

                                        1310 W Broadway, Louisville, KY 40203

 Time                              5:30-7:30pm (the Walk of Hope is at 7pm)

rev carolLet us introduce you to Rev Carol Wieger, Pastor of New Life in Christ Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) located inside Dismas Charities – Diersen and supported by Mission Behind Bars and Beyond Inc.

“I believe that God has blessed each of us with a gift.  That gift may not be readily apparent to us without the encouragement and discernment of another individual.  That gift may not be something that’s exactly tangible, either.  But, regardless, we each have a beautiful gift to share with one another.

When we realize that we have something valuable to share, we realize that we are valuable.  Unfortunately, not everyone has felt this before in their lives. 

My hope is to serve women in a capacity that leaves them feeling empowered, valued, capable, and respected.  When all these goals are achieved, the gifts that are found within each one of us can be shared with others… and that’s when the beauty truly begins.”