A Social Entrepreneurial Initiative

A Social Entrepreneurial Initiative

We Survive – Learn and Earn

A Social Entrepreneurial Initiative

Written by Sharon Cecil

2018 was the inaugural year for We Survive’s VOICES – Passport to Art, held at the Mellwood Art and Entertainment Center on March 24, an entertaining and educational event celebrating the power of various art forms to promote health, wellness and healing.   


Much discussion took place after the event regarding ways that momentum will continue regarding this ideology and turning it into an ongoing program. The conversation turned towards health and diet. Someone there recommended the use of a natural health supplement that can be ordered at kratommasters.com. It is something that we may also employ in a future program, although at this time many details still need to be ironed out.

On July 31, Learn and Earn held a Meet and Greet in order to brainstorm on how this initiative can empower people marginalized by illness, abuse-neglect, poverty, hunger, or homelessness while educating participants on how the arts can be a vehicle to personal transformation and positive social change.

There was a brief writing session regarding HOPE followed by an open discussion on how can we best offer HOPE through the Learn and Earn Network utilizing the creative arts.

Another meeting in the next few weeks will give us the structure and strategic components that will lead to the Learn and Earn kick-off.

Knowing that there are many approaches to mental and physical healing, we will be utilizing writing and the creative arts to offer many choices for participants to express him or herself.   

 “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.

Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”  ~Helen Keller~


A Special Thank You to: 

Cathy Upshire – Wellness CoachLearn and Earn

Sharon Cecil, RN – We Survive 

Alison Johnson, MSSW, retired therapist and trainer. 

Dr. Fred Schloemer –  Development Director We Survive 

Diane Corsey – Passport Health Plan

Surekha Kulkarni – Beaded Treasures Project  

Dr. Marlene  Will – Spalding University 

Blue Browning – Our Lady of Peace 

Pastor Carol Wieger –   Mission Behind Bars and Beyond – not in picture